Teen Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Friendship Circle.

This application form is intended for NEW volunteers who are in high school (Years 7 to 12) and must be completed by a parent/ legal guardian.

If you have volunteered at Friendship Circle previously, you may register for our programs directly.

If you have graduated high school, are over 18 and are a NEW volunteer, please go to our Adult Volunteer Application.


Volunteer Application Process

  1. Complete this form.
  2. Email a link to the reference form to both referees. Referees must not be family members and only one referee may be a family friend. Please confirm with your referees that they are able to provide a reference BEFORE completing this form. More information about who is a suitable referee is available in the References section of this form.
  3. One parent/ guardian is required to create an account and complete our Teen Volunteer Agreement. More information is available after you click 'Submit' at the bottom of this form.


Parent/ Guardian Details

Parent/ Guardian 1


Parent/ Guardian 2

If you are the sole parent/ guardian, please enter N/A in these fields.


Teen Volunteer Details

// (mm/dd/yyyy)
School newsletter
Maccabi newsletter
Kids Giving Back
Sunday Morning Programs
Friends at Home
Day Camp
I am volunteering with my team/ group


Emergency Contact Details



Please provide the details of two adult referees who are not related to you or your child who can provide a reference for your child. We cannot accept references from family members or relatives.

Your child's referees need to be impartial authority figures, such as a teacher, coach, tutor, employer or similar. One referee only may be a family friend but teachers,  coaches, etc. are preferred.

Please confirm with the referees first that they are happy to provide a reference for your child. Once you have submitted the volunteer application, please email them this link so they can provide their reference for your child electronically: sydneyfc.org.au/volunteer-reference

Please let the referees know that we may contact them if we have any questions about their reference.


It is your/ your child's responsibility to email the link to the referees and ensure the references are provided in a timely manner. We will not follow up on the reference with the referees. We will only contact them if we have questions about their reference once it has been submitted.

Referee 1 Details


Referee 2 Details


Email Communications

All teen volunteers and parents/ guardians will be added to our email list for upcoming volunteer opportunities and our monthly community newsletter. Occasionally, you will also receive emails or text messages about our annual fundraiser (Friendship Walk) or Friendship Circle events.

We require at least one parent/ guardian to remain on our email list so you can receive important program information.

Yes - opt out Parent/ Guardian 1
Yes - opt out Parent/ Guardian 2


Next Steps

  1. Please ensure you email the reference form to both referees.
  2. One parent/ guardian is required to create an account and complete our Teen Volunteer Agreement. More information is available once you submit this form.
  3. A copy of your form submission will be emailed to the volunteer's email address for your records.
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